May 24, 2011

Setting up of a website, Separate mail for your website interaction

If you aim at creating a website for the long run, then you'll definitely need an email account to go on.
Now personally I feel that, at this point of time, gmail is the best mail service I've ever got.

Usually I would encourage people to use it, as it would provide an  excellent platform to collect news about web development, subscription to websites and web blogs, etc.
But the main problem with that is, If you want some one visiting your website to be contacting you, then providing them with an email address as would shatter your reputation. You cannot give your email Id as your personal email address would prove unprofessional.

So the choice comes to you, whether you buy a custom domain from some web service provider or pay google to give you a custom email Id with a custom email address.

But since we're not gonna discuss that, so we'll have to find out some way or the other such that you get a funky or a professional email address that is free.Now there are many different email service providers. You may get a detailed review on the topic from these links

The emails which would stand in the parameter of address and functionality can be ranked as etc.

Though suited best in address and gmail suited best in functionality, you may also use a email forwarding service, Best one among many is
Other email service providers are
care to email, hotpop, Zapakmail, Myspacemail, facebookmail, fastmail, aimmail etc.

Setting up of a website, Separate mail for your website interaction

If you find some mail useful enough and want a break then you may also nominate the mail you've found good  at Didn't find your perfect email? go to the part II of this series where more discussion will be done on emails.

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