May 26, 2011

The features of Google's hyped Gmail

The features of Google's hyped Gmail front
Gmail, claims to provide faster and smoother emails.

Gmail has always been one of the best email services, always hyped-up by google. Gmail comes on the top of the list for any webmaster. We'll be discussing all about gmail and all its applications to help you for a website.

  1. The following has been imported from gmail's 10 reasons... 
  2. The spam filter by gmail has been ever notorious for blocking spammers. This is one of the most important reasons why people preffer
  3. Huge space provided by google is often not needed for normal users. Even then, for the super rich and the super busy, gmail can provide more space if needed
  4. Google search in your mail box.
  5. Priority inbox facility is provided by gmail to seperate important email from the others so that you don't miss out anything important.
  6. In Built Chat, just as provided by several mail service providers
  7. Superior security while accessing your email, Gmail uses HTTPS encryption to keep your conversations more secured
  8. You may even open your email from your phone

If you think now that gmail will do the best in maintaining your website and want no other opinion then better to get started. here Or if you want some other address as a post fix for email address, then its better to move on looking for a new email service provider, which will be discussed in the later parts of this blog.

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