Sep 9, 2011

Tag Crowd for tags

The service, Tag Crowd Lets you create your own tag cloud from any text to visualize word frequency.

You have 3 different options for a text source here,
1.> General Text
2.>Webpage URL - mostly used by savvy webmasters
3> Upload a file - mostly *.txt

Also the following options are available

Language of text:
Ignore common words in this language
Maximum number of words to show?
25 - 100 is a good range
Minimum frequency?
Don't show infrequent words
Show frequencies?
Show word count next to each word

Group similar words? (English only)
eg: learned, learns, learning -> learning

Don't show these words:
Exclude unwanted words.
After the options are selected, just click on visualize and  presto! Your crowd is in front of you.

The output that, you'll get would look a bit like this,

Finally, for saving the file also you have 3 options
html embed, printable/full screen, pdf
 choose what you like and enjoy.

 Article Number UAN#013CMKT