Nov 27, 2011

Convert your blog to book in pdf

When you have enough posts to your credit, and you need to convert them to store them as pdf, to your computer. You need to look in the following online ebook creators.

1. > Zinepal
2. > aka booksmith

We will first use Booksmith in this post

1. > Using booksmith is easy
2. > Click on 'Start Now'

3. > You will be redirected to bellow page

 4. > Enter Your Blog address and select post options

 5. > Booksmith will fetch posts and ask you to select the posts you like

 6. > Customize your book

7. > Click on 'Create my book'

8. > And its done !! You'll have a preview of your book plus a chance to save it or download it

This was all about,

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