Dec 4, 2011

Create your own handwritten font free

To move on to the next level of personalisation on websites, a nice way is to use your own font and preferably your own handwritten font. Usually the method is labour, time and money intensive, so be ready for it.
Some of the website tools are
1. >
2. >
3. >

However the use of softwares are recommended as, there you have higher control over the files you've created and does not depend on the connection.
I would recommend Hi Logic's FontCreator which can be downloaded at

The only disadvantage is that in a trial version you cannot save the files you've created. (For that I would not ask you to use any hack)

The best way to create your own handwriting font is to get the flow of your hand first, then your letters would represent the true you. For that it is better to write a few lines and pick out the the letters from a to z, both in capital and small including numbers and the special signs.

Here are some examples which I tried.

Learn from my mistakes,
  • Always use Sketchpens, or felt tip pens, as they provide better finish.
  • Never use any coloured pen, for the fonts, use either brown or black, as coloured will not be of any help.
The software look like this,

To start creating your own font, go to file->new and chose from your choices.

Click on any blank box and start creating your letter from your scanned handwriting.

After a few hours of toil, you would be having, something like this,

As it is impossible for you to create all the fonts in a small time, better to delete other imported font letters, and just keep your own fonts, as your font may get blacklisted due to copyright claims. So in short it is better to have some of yourself than to have none of others.

the method of uploading your fonts to the web will be discussed later.
finally the font will look like this. I've given the name as MohitChar


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