Dec 28, 2011

How to Embed a working YouTube Widget

Several Times we see websites ladden with content and no place to keep it organised, So web developers found a solution of getting a widget/gadget.

What do you do when You have a YouTube page filled with videos that you want others to see but couldn't, just because it is too much work to embed videos one by one, going on changing them frequently so that it looks original when people visit it.

So, here is what you do, You find yourself, a nice cool gadget which is consisted in an iframe, where the visitors themselves have the opportunity to select what they like.

Here you will find how to find a nice gadget which can be embedded in your site. Though there are several widgets to be included in your website available at

But when I tried, None of them seem to be working, 

So tried a Different approach. Google searched for Gadgets (YouTube Gadgets) instead of widgets, and Voila, here was it. So, mind what you search for in Google, after all it,still is a search engine, not a human like you.


Google through YouTube has released two different types of gadgets. The older version is a single Video version, where your different uploaded videos come and go on the same portion of the screen. The newer version has a grid of videos displayed along with a search bar.
  1. Google modules, YouTube Gadget Single Video Version
  2. Google Modules, YouTube Gadget Grid Version
The feat can also be performed with JQuery at 
However, It may or may not fit in your site.

Here is a video About how to embed a YouTube Gadget in Your Site.

Now you know,