Dec 15, 2011

Why should you Use RSS feeds ?

Why should you Use RSS feeds front
RSS feeds are an integral part of your blog. It is like a newspaper to your stories, 

This is because no one would come back again and again looking for new content at your site. 

Your content must be delivered to servers and to the email addresses of your subscribers.

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Reasons for RSS

Following are the reasons why you must use feeds for your blogs.
  1.  Feeds increase your chances of other websites linking to your content, mentioning your site, and spreading your post on the internet
  2.  It will attract traffic to your site which does not come from the search engines results pages, if you have RSS feeds on your site
  3.  With RSS feeds, you could be able to get your content indexed with search engines much faster.
  4.  Since your content is distributed to all subscribers, there are chances of your content going viral as it spreads from one person to another.
  5.  Having an RSS feed to your site aids in your ranking with search engines.
  6.  RSS is free of spam. Subscribers get what they look for.
  7.  Unsubscribing is also easy. If they do not like information contained in an RSS feed, they can simply remove the RSS feed from their RSS reader or news aggregator in order to unsubscribe. 

Use RSS feeds in Website

Use Google reader - Other than some of people who use a Feed Reader to follow blogs rather than email, Google Reader is the top choice. Use the button on your blogs and glance over your headlines in Google Reader now and again.

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