Feb 4, 2012

Advantages of Google Documents

Advantages of Google DocumentsGoogle Docs is a free, Web-based office suite and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.

Google Docs is a suite of products that lets you create different kinds of online documents, work on them in real time with other people, and store your documents and your other files -- all online, and all for free. With an Internet connection, you can access your documents and files from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of advantages of Google Docs :
  1. These applications aren't as complex or comprehensive as the leading desktop counterparts. 
  2. There's no need to download and install software on a particular machine. Any computer connected to the Internet can access Google Docs. 
  3. Because each user saves information to the cloud system, he or she can access the same file from anywhere.
  4. Users don't have to worry about the version of a document as it will always be saved in the Google cloud. Another advantage is that multiple users can make edits to the same files at the same time, This is called online collaboration
  5. Since Google Docs preserves earlier versions of documents, there's no reason to worry about irrevocably changing a file. 
  6. Spell checker in spreadsheets: This feature allows users to check spelling in their spreadsheets from the tools menu.
  7. More page sizes: Google Docs has introduced two more page sizes. Executive (1.25”X10.5”), and Statement (5.5”X8.5”).
  8. Auto linking in documents:  This feature automatically changes text into a link when it detects that a link has been entered.
  9. Document translation: Google Docs comes with 53 embedded languages. This allows users to easily translate documents into any of these languages. 

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