Feb 1, 2012

Find out if your website is blocked or not?

Find out if your website is blocked or not front
Many a times websites get blocked in one country or another, but when it does, you loose a major portion of your visitors. If you think that the newly created cyber laws may affect your website, its time to confirm your suspicion,

The following sites are instrumental in determining facts.
1. Just Ping 
2. Watch Mouse
3. Website Pulse

Just Ping

Just ping is just a subsidiary of Watch Mouse, The latter being more exact and detailed about the results about your website. However usually we prefer 'Just Ping' as you can get approximate results in a few minutes whereas with Watch Mouse you've got to wait a long time before you get to see the results.

Just Ping Website BlockJust Ping Website Block


WatchMouse product tests the behaviour and availability of websites, services and applications utilizing an infrastructure that includes over 63 worldwide remote monitoring stations and a global network of checkpoints in 26 countries.

WatchMouse conducts checks from an external perspective to replicate real-time user experience and writes transaction monitoring scripts to identify a wide variety of possible issues, from slow page response times, to monitoring the behaviour of forms such as login pages and shopping carts.


Advanced remote monitoring helps eliminate website downtime and allows issues to be identified and resolved quickly before they result in lost revenues or customers. 

Check your website now and don't fret over results, as the world still has 6 Billion people, what difference does it make to miss a few millions. The joke's on them.

Find out if your website is blocked or not MohitChar