Jun 2, 2012

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog
Allfacebook the unofficial facebook blog, or popularly known as the second facebook blog. keeps track of and publishes news, events and reports on the leading social networking site. The site is basically a subsidiary of WebMediaBrands Corp Now known as Mediabistro (listed in NASDAQ). 

The developers and designers have very cleverly designed the website to look acutely similar to the Social networking Giant.  Take a look.

WebMediaBrands Corp is a U.S.-based corporation which was established in 1971 and headquartered in New York. The company  is a leading Internet media company that provides content, education, and career services to media and creative professionals.

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog

Its CEO, Alan M. Meckler started his original publishing business called Microform Review, Inc. in Weston, Connecticut. Alan M. Meckler is Chairman and CEO and a member of the board. Outside directors are: John R. Patrick, Gilbert Bach, Wayne Martino, Michael Davies, William Shutzer, and Justin Smith.

In short the website Allfacebook has all the characteristics of a professional web blog and will continue to help bloggers all over the world for content and Ideas.

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog MohitChar