Jun 29, 2012

An Alternative to Captcha

An Alternative to Captcha Front
The world is moving on, and so are technologies, The technology used to separate humans from computers on websites is becoming obsolete. 

Captcha Stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. In Short, they tell the web developer that the request made on his website is by a human or a robot or a program. 

The word has originated from 'capture'. Today developers have encountered another captcha roadblock in addition to the discomfort they cause on their sites forcing people to recognise hazy characters. According to New York Times, Spammers pay about something close to $1 for each 1,000 solved CAPTCHAs to companies employing human solvers in developing nations.


For this purpose a service known as 'Are you a Human' has launched a new and improved way of determining humans from machines using a very simple, non frustrating and invigorating technique present in our civilization ages ago, know as 'games'. The website adorns and provides small embedded games as an alternative to captcha images.

Also for those web savvy youths who would kill the website developer for putting in a captcha, the website areyouahuman.com has also provided a page just to vent out your feelings, at Rogues Gallery.

'Are you a Human'

The website has posted a very compelling ,must read story about how it was born. A very well written and equally well organised blog is also present on the website.

The innovation dosen't end here, the geniuses at NLP Captcha has started combining advertising and captcha. This basically forces user to look at the captcha/advertisement and ponder upon it. thus leading to higher conversion rates. You can even spread helpful messages and educate the public.

NLP Captcha

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