Jun 16, 2012

Blog directory for India

Blog directory for India Front
With the increasing popularity of blogs, the numbers of readers searching for country specific blogs are increasing. Country specific blogs are a great way to increase the numbers of visitors coming back to your blog, i.e. the number of unique visitors to your blog may remain the same but the number of blog readers will increase.

The Indian Bloggers directory is an ongoing effort to showcase the best blogs from India. According to the website, Bloggers are welcome to suggest their blog for inclusion in the directory provided it meets all the following criteria:
  • Your blog has been around for at least 5 months.
  • You have published at least 30 articles on your blog.
  • Your blog is active and commands a decent readership.
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If you think your blog satisfies these conditions, you can fill in a form as shown above and nominate your blog.

The project is maintained by Amit Agarwal, founder of Digital Inspiration and India Blog School.

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