Jun 16, 2012

Create a nokia application for your Blog

Create a nokia application for your website or Blog Front
Though android applications are fast and ever increasing in the market, lets not forget, the applications for symbian phones are still the greatest. To bag the opportunity, web developers around the world use apps to build loyalty for their app and increase unique visitors, to their website.

With Nokia’s Ovi Store app builder, a person with zero programming skills can also build an app in minutes. All they need is a website or a blog with an RSS feed. There’s no fees involved and your app created can be published and downloaded on almost all Nokia devices.

The Nokia app builder lets you build your own app in minutes just like the landing page says.

Create a nokia application for your Blog 

Here is a 5 - Step process of Creating a Nokia app for your blog or website.

Step 1 : Enter your blog or website address.

You will be blessed with a preview just then on the right hand side of the screen, as the app builder picks up your RSS feed.

Nokia application for your Blog Step1

Step 2 : You will then be asked for design settings, including your app icon, small banner, color combinations etc.

 Step 3 : You will need to give some information on your website or blog, your app and its creator.

 Nokia application for your Blog Step 3

Step 4 : Finally, Nokia OVI app builder will ask your credentials, and personal information, which will be stored as the developer information. without this information provided, the app will not go online.

Step 5 : The website finally asks your formal permission to submit the app, you've just created.

Nokia application for your Blog screenShot

Finally After a few days wait, Your app will be published and It will look like this.

The app is now published at nokia store, Codemakit

This is how you
Create a nokia application for your website or Blog MohitChar