Jun 21, 2012

Error Status Messages http 500 series

Error Status Messages http 500 series
Here are a list of http messages of the 500 series.
The 500 series of messages are sent when the server is sure that there is a problem or an error.

500 Internal Server Error:
There was something preventing the server to complete the request sent by the user. This is often seen with faulty scripts.

501 Not Implemented:
The user made a request, however the server does not have the support tools to complete the request, this happens when the server does not support a function.

502 Bad Gateway:
This error occurs when a gateway or a proxy server, gets a bad or wrong request from an upstream server.

503 Service Unavailable:
The error occurs when user has made a request, which cannot be completed, because the server is either overloaded or under maintenance.

504 Gateway Timeout:
This happens when the gateway or proxy server did not receive a timely response from an upstream server.

505 HTTP Version Not Supported:
The error message appears when the request made was not in the correct HTTP version supported by the server.

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