Jun 24, 2012

Estimate your adsense earnings

Estimate your adsense earnings Front
Learn to predict or anticipate your Adsense Earnings. 

Adsense earnings can be calculated through both manually and online tools.
This post here is to calculate and predict your Adsense earnings manually through formula. You will also know about the keywords and jargon used by website developers all over the world while talking about SEO.
The Google Adsense concept is very transparent and clear. The skill required for estimating it is even simpler. the Formula behind any Google Adsense structure is given below.

However the actual Google Adsense formula is given bellow

Estimate your adsense earnings Formula

Impression - An impression or page view is a request made by the user to the server to load an HTML type file of a website. usually made by just clicking on the link on a search engine or aother website. Just to clear any confusion, a 'hit' is basically a request made by the user to the web server for loading any type of file. So there can be many hits on a single website, since it can be made of many number of files.

CTR - Click-through rate is defined as the number of times a user clicks on an ad as a percentage of the number of impressions of that particular page.
For, Example if  an ad is shown on your page which recieves 100 page impressions for the duration for which the ad is shown, and during that duration the ad is clicked for 10 times, then you have a click through rate of 10%.

CPC - Cost per Click is the amount of money, advertisers are willing to spend on the ad on your website,per click. this ususally is a small number.
There are two methods for determining cost per click
  1. Flat-Rate - This is a fixed amount of money decided by the advertisers for recieveing a visitor from your site. 
  2. Bid-Based - This is usually applicable to search listings, where all the bids for the are compared based on location, website, and bid and finally the winner is determined.

This is how you manually
Estimate your adsense earnings MohitChar