Jun 12, 2012

Study your tweets

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Many web developers, looking at their twitter followers, introspect and try to find out, what did they do wrong? Did they crowd the homepage of users with too many tweets? or Are some of the tweets meaningless? or are there too little tweets to create some significant effect?

Twimbow is an innovative web tool which might help you answer these questions, at.


For reaping its benefits, you must first register yourself at the minimal form Then, You will be directed to authorize the app on twitter.

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Twimbow is a social media browser that lets you enjoy Twitter through an innovative and unique user experience, Using which you will be able to study your tweets and find out the problem. Now finding the problem is half job done, rest is easy.

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Twimbow offers a unique way to highlight your most important tweets, introduces the concept of “personal buzz” for all your interactions with other users and the innovative concept of “monitor”.

Its Exclusive Features include :
  • Color code your tweets
  • Color code users and filter them in/out
  • Share songs with other Twimbow users
  • Special graphics and music tags (#rainbow, #rainy, #angrybirds...)
  • The Reader, to view articles /blog posts without leaving Twimbow (and RSS)
  • Save links to Instapaper
  • Share pics through Pikchur
  • Preview images from Twitpic, Plixi, yFrog, Pikchur, PicPlz, Instagr.am, Pinterest
  • Preview and play videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Realtime monitoring of users, lists, keywords and tags through the Monitor
  • Share tweets on Facebook, Google Buzz or by Email
  • Powerful multi-tabbed profile browser
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Though the website and its tools are in beta form, there are some loopholes which need to be worked out also it supports twitter only at the moment, This online tool has all the characteristics of a winner.

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