Jul 10, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages monetizing your blog

Advantages and Disadvantages monetizing your blog Front
When and why should a blogger monetize his/her blog or website? A question which baffles many developers still now. 

Some prefer, their creation must be monetized right from the start, to churn out as much money as they can. While some believe to wait for traffic to come and then monetize after they have reached a decent traffic of nearly 1000 visitors per day, however since a 1000 may take a while longer than you think, some even start from a menial 100.

Here are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of displaying ads on your blog or website.

Advantages :

  •     Displaying blinking banners may help people notice your sites design.
  •     Advertisements prove to your visitors that you're an established blog.
  •     If your blog is blessed with huge traffic, banner and thumbnail ads would only help you get money to maintain your blog.
  •     For point number 2 people will start developing trust in your website and the products you offer.
  •     There will never be negative cash flow.
  •     You could also sell Ad space on your blog, It will also fetch you good money.

Disadvantages : 

  •     People who believe in waiting, might loose the money they might make during the period their traffic rose.
  •     During the period in point number 1, you still have to keep writing and spend time and energy on your creation.
  •     To think about money in the starting stage of a blog or website, is a dangerous blunder.
        When you think about money, you will start looking impressions, click through rate, etc. this will finally lead to neglect in the quality content building, which is the first and the most important rule in content building.
  •     If you do not get traffic, you might get discouraged from writing.
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