Jul 20, 2012

Colorful CSS box without coding

Colorful CSS box without coding Front
When on the go, people prefer to keep the coding aside and design aside. However times always come, when you've forgotten one small thing which must be attended to or else... So what should you do at the moment.

CSS (Cascading Style sheets) is basically a programming language, developed by the world wide web consortium, and which deals with the design and look of your website. The CSS in a website is usually in the form of a '.css' text file. CSS was created to separate the web page content, i.e. the HTML code for display of various objects and the code for presentation and look of the particular object. The removal and separation improves the content, helps in code functioning, debugging, and reduce the complexity of the code, thereby reducing the time required by the coder to complete, test and debug in smaller time.

Also, website enthusiasts and bloggers without much knowledge of web programming need something that will keep their website run smoothly including designs and colorful boxes and all of these 'codeless' i.e. without the hassle and puzzles of coding and testing. So what should you do ?

Many websites offer an option to create geometric figures and designs using CSS.me. The below website is one of them.

The website specialises in offering problem free CSS text boxes, which can be optimized by the user, once done, the website will generate code which can be copied and pasted by the user on his/her website to be shared to the world.

Colorful CSS box without coding ScreenShot

Here is a video depicting the complete usage of CSS3 Generator.

This is how, You can create,
Colorful CSS box without coding MohitChar