Jul 20, 2012

Create your own Cursor

Create your own Cursor Front
Cursors are the small images that are used to show the position of the mouse on the screen. Now cursors can be changed on both your computer as well as you website.

But, what if you can have your own cursor? It would take your website  to a new level. It would make your website stand out from your competitors.

Now a website known as cursor.cc is now helping webmasters redesign their websites through their cursors. The website is a sister webpage of the famous, favicon.cc, a website specializing wholly in creating user generated favicons for their blogs and websites. However cursor.cc specializes completely in Creating user defined cursors. Now you can create a cursor of your preference like a dog, spoon or even a superman.

So, Here is a video showing how to create your own (Superman) Cursor.

And here is a screenshot example.

cursor.cc example

The small image will act as your own mouse pointer and give your website or your desktop a new look. Both the webpages are created by Xoron GmbH, A company dedicated to bringing out the best of web technology from miniatures.

This was about, how to
Create your own Cursor MohitChar