Jul 21, 2012

How does Google rank your website? link Network's perspective

How does Google rank your website? link Network's perspective Front
How do Google and other search engines, determine where should your website or blog be placed in their search page? 

Is it because of your popularity? Content? or some complex formula? Though all of these are equally important where The practice of good SEO comes into play, 

However the most important and the most vital factor for determining website rankings is the link quality and link density.

Website X and Website Y
Google's Search engine works on the simple and straight concept of link density, or the more popularly called link juice. The meaning of link juice is the amount of good and verified websites linking to your website or blog.

Here is an example.
Let us suppose there are two websites 'X' and 'Y'.

Both websites are well to do and have certain keywords, Now Google will take a look at their links to determine which of these two sites is likely the best.

Now due to its popularity in content and competitiveness, 'X' gets a link from another website 'P' (i.e. website 'P' hosts a link of website 'X' on it).

Website X and Website Y

At this juncture Website 'X' will be preferable to Google. But, What if, the website 'P' decides to link both 'X' and 'Y', in this dilemma Google will look into another ranking factor (just like a tie breaker).

What if, Website 'X' is linked by another Website 'M' and Website'Y' is linked with 'N'. Now Google will have to look into the link density and the quality of both the websites (i.e. Website 'M' and Website 'N').
Website X and Website Y

Now, if Website 'M' is a very popular and highly distinguished Website, then the crawlers and web bots of the search engines will dig out those links and then determine the network, which will then  be helpful in determining the rank of website 'X' (which is visibly higher in comparison to 'Y' due to Website 'M').

Website X and Website Y

Now all these comparisons are possible on only one assumption, i.e. the keyword for which the above comparisons are made is always constant and will not change.

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