Jul 9, 2012

Share your website on Pinterest

Share your website on Pinterest Front
Now that you've created your website and are regularly updating it. It is now time to flaunt your design and content to the world outside. Boast your style and share it with your friends and family. But with the advent of social networking it is not difficult altogether. This post is for people who are on pinterest.

A very resourceful website for this purpose is the website, URL2Pin.

The website has a unique feature of pinning your website as a screenshot on your pinterest boards.

The process is simple enough, go to the website, and put down the website you want to be shared.

The website will then fetch a screenshot of your website and then display it to you as a preview.
On the right side of the preview you'll find a set of social networking buttons, comprising of Google plus, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just click on the pinterest button and you'll be presented with a popup.
The message to be displayed will be mentioned and you'll see the screenshot to be shared.

Click on pin it and you'll notice the message and the picture pinned on your board when you come back to pinterest.

Share your website on Pinterest Boards

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Share your website on Pinterest MohitChar