Jul 22, 2012

To-do list for a higher Website Ranking - Basics of SEO

To-do list for a higher Website Ranking - Basics of SEO Front
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as the name suggests, is all about taking the right steps and making the right amends to your webpage, so that you become entitled to benefits such as higher traffic, increased ranking and presence etc. 

Here are a list of things one must keep in mind as an approach towards SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Phrases

Most important and the most vital point which you must keep in mind is that most search engines like Google, Yahoo, and bing, rely on keyword analysis to determine the winner for a higher rank. Rather than focusing on a single word you must try to compile a few words to make a keyword phrase. for example, use the word splog for spam blogs. Why? because Google searches for spam blogs will return huge number of websites, with a lot less probability for your website to be in that criteria. However, 'splog' being a new and unusual word will constitute better chances of your website being displayed in the search page ( Provided people know what is splog). You can also check Google Trends to see if one keyword is gaining popularity.
Keyword Phrases

Keyword Density

Another important concept of page ranking is that once the page crawlers and bots enter your webpage, the first thing they'll look for the the number of times a special keyword comes up in each of your post or page (i.e. the density of keywords used in a page) . However spammers have often used a black hat SEO technique, of just writing keywords on their page, which may even last for more than 2000-3000 words. This trick Google into believing that the page created, contains huge number of high quality articles, which must be ranked higher. But, what makes Google, the most versatile search engine is that is has its own ways of weeding out spammers. Once a website has been blacklisted or banned, you have no alternative than to start with another website or remove those pages and start again with quality content.

Better Writing begets Better traffic

Try to keep your writing as simple as possible, but not simpler. Remember, you have an acute understanding of the subject, this is the reason you decided to write on this topic. Complexity begets user confusion, leading to low user time on your page, finally leading to low probability of his/her coming back to your website. Keep your creation easy to read and easier to understand.

Better Title for your page

Though for blogger and WordPress like platforms, people do have the liberty and the luxury of a title text, even when you think it is not that important, but regardless, a title is one of the most important items while writing a post or completing a webpage. Non-Technically too, a Title helps in describing the content for the user for both the search engine page and you own blogger page.
Gigantic Network and links

Gigantic Network and links

Just as, been described in the networking links, A link is the basic requirement for Google webpage networking. Hyperlinks and alt tags are always necessary, without it you are like an important businessman forced to handle important decisions of his company while stranded on an island with no contacts.

Submit Your Website to directories

Directories also help in improving the ranking of the websites. Do not submit your website to all the directories you see, in an effort to combat click fraud search engines often filter out websites linked from link farms (pages with nothing but links to other websites). Submit your website to the open directory project which Google considers this directory to be an important link.
Submit Your Website to directories

Social Networking endeavors

As an effort to improve the high quality links though Social networking sites are a way to promote a site, but not all of them will affect your rank directly. Digg and Del.icio.us are social linking sites that could potentially have the most impact. Though there are social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedIn help in improving your rank, you still have to keep improving your position and give time to the social networks.

For More information on SEO tactics and content improvement, try out codemakit's 'The SEO and content Guide' free e-book in pdf.

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