Aug 24, 2012

Get your computer scanned for facebook related viruses

Get your computer scanned for facebook related viruses FrontCertain times when web developers get desperate to inform people about their facebook pages or try to popularize them on dark platforms, they (even the professionals) may fall for the traps laid down by misdoers in the form of malwares and viruses. 
Now what should you do, if you notice some suspicious activity going on in your facebook account. Though the what to do part is explained by facebook in a very generic form, Also the general rules for safe browsing on facebook is very well elaborated on its help page. However, this post will specialise and tell you what should you do when you've been hit by a facebook malware.
 On tenth of July 2012, facebook, after listening to various problems from its users, Started an online app to scan your computer for facebook related viruses, As the involvement of third party apps and websites have increased on facebook, The attack of malwares and viruses through this popular social networking website has increased ever since. Now, There are many solutions to the problem. But the most trustworthy is the security scan from facebook.

How you might have been affected

Usually, facebook picks up suspicious activity on your account and tells you beforehand thus preventing unrepairable damage. 

For security reasons your account is locked

But if you find out the problem before facebook, here's what you do.
The common methods of getting a malware on your computer, is either when you're trying to watch a "shocking or breathtaking video" from a friend's status update or by visiting a website or a facebook page said to be giving away special features on Facebook (web owners usually fall for this trap).
If you need an example, recently a website came to popularity when it claimed to remove the facebook timeline feature or in its own words, "undo facebook's stupid timeline" deperated users tried the website and ended up harbouring a malware on their system.
Malwares can be very well avoided using simple techniques like seeing the website's certification or by accessing a general report on the website, Since these methods are scarce on facebook, as all pages are under same domain, including apps.

Facebook provides its users the benefit of doubt by equipping them with strong anti-malware programs like McAfee, Just as Facebook director of communications Barry Schnitt said."If we get people's machines this protection, it is better for them, for Facebook and the internet as a whole,"

After starting the scan, your account will be blocked and will only be restored if the scan and repair procedure is completed.

your account will be blocked

 The webpage will allow you to download the latest scan and repair kit of McAfee Antivirus. All you need to do is allow it to download and then double click on it. Please remember, the software will not show its status on your desktop as a window, but as a tab in your browser. The following images are taken from inside the browser.
 McAfee Antivirus 

Once downloaded and double clicked, you will be presented with a status bar which fills in pretty slow,

McAfee Antivirus
 Rest assured it will take maximum an hour of your precious time.

McAfee Antivirus
Once the scan has been performed and no malwares found, your blocked account will be restored by facebook.

 McAfee Antivirus

Finally it also offers the Facebook users a free six-month subscription to McAfee’s security software and discounts on continued subscriptions.

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