Aug 3, 2012

What is website certification ?

What is website certification Front

What is certification of websites? How do you reckon, if a website is not the sole product of a shady hacker smiling slyly at the visitors of his website? What is an SSL certificate? Such are the questions posed by tech savvy teens and online shoppers. 

This article is for all those people who have directly or indirectly shared their personal and financial information on the web network.

It does not matter if it is about your home or work. Nor does it matter if you are talking about paying your bills online or shopping online or even on social networks. Everything revolves around the internet.

With so much emphasis on online monetary transaction one has to be doubly sure where his or her money goes through. For an example, Your Brother is in dire need of money. You give away a bundle of 1K to his friend who has promised to give it over to your brother. But before you hand over your hard earned money to a total stranger (to you) you will first check with your brother to see if he is thoroughly reliable and honest, You will accede to the transaction if and only if you find that he meets your expectations. Same is required from aware netizens from all parts of the world. With cyber crime on the roll and with weapons of mass destruction like phishing and hacking, you cannot be sure of your privacy until you have basic knowledge of the security systems of the cyber world.

 website certification

We hear many times, through news, social media etc, about how people had their account hacked and had to suffer huge repercussions. Why did it happen? Sometimes when people login through facebook to comment on a website or when sharing through a social networking site and allowing its app to continue, these are times when some hacker taps the information just because the connection isn’t secure and anyone can tap in the information provided by you.


 When we talk about certification, there are two approaches possible. One is a certification is that, which ensures, the website you are entering is hacker free and they contain several security protocols to ward off occasional hacker activities on their website. The organizations which issue such certificates, have their own set of rules and regulations, A set which must be followed by the website to ensure certification and hence security.

Web Security
 Once a website, has been issued a certificate, you can see it at the left of the address bar, rest assured your personal data will never be shared, even the files stored on the website can be downloaded to your computer without the risk of any virus or a malware spreading to your computer. Certification provided will definitely help in building trust amongst your customers, also, they would be confident in visiting your site and thus second time visitor traffic will increase.
The other type of certification is provided to people, which is beyond the scope of this discussion. The next article will revolve about the web certificates, used in practical world, i.e. SSL certificates.

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