Sep 21, 2012

Blogger's Content Policy in a nutshell

Blogger's Content Policy in a nutshell Front
Here is a condensed list on blogger's latest content policy.

While blogging some thing must always have bugged you, 'Am I doing it right?"

So, Here is a complete set of blogger content policies and 10 rules you, as a blogger should not break. However, one thing must be borne in mind, that the policies are subject to change and might include exceptions too. I you still have some doubts, you are free to visit the official website containing detailed explanation.

1. Though Adult content are allowed but the owners must categorize them as 'mature content'.

2. Child safety, examples, child pornography or pedophilia

3. Hate speech or something that promotes hate or violence based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability etc.

4. Crude or rash content - shocking or graphic

5. Violence. e.g. death threats

6. Copyright.e.g. blog containing links sending users to illegal download websites.

7. Impersonation of someone

8. Illegal activities or promotion of illegal activities

9. Spam blogs

10. Malware and viruses

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Blogger's Content Policy in a nutshell MohitChar