Sep 19, 2012

Create an Image Mosaic

Create an Image Mosaic Front
Once and for all, A time comes in a web enthusiast's life, when there is a lack of good quality and original images or design in his/her creations. 

Word mosaic have been around in the world for a long time,  but its online presence is new and un-explored. For such feats, imagechef was created in 2003. 

Imagechef, was Incorporated in 2003 to create a new genre of imaging products for the consumer market. Just like the trend goes, ImageChef too has been customized for the mobile users. The technology is simple enough to use and using it one can create simple as well as complex shapes.

The Website has several other functions, one can use as per creativity, like :

  • Animations,Photo Frames,Friendship,Fun
  • Buttons,Faith,Fun Notes,Patterns,Bling
  • Characters,Flags,Signs
  • Music,Sports,Zodiac,Other

So, the tools are in your hands, depends on how you use it.

Here is a video depicting its use.

This was all about
Create an Image Mosaic Front