Oct 30, 2012

The perils of keyword stuffing

The perils of keyword stuffing Front
Keyword Stuffing according to Google webmaster is the

"Practice of loading a webpage with keywords to change the site's ranking in Google search results."

Here is an example of keyword Stuffing.

Assume you've arrived at a website to buy a laptop. You encounter the following message,

Keyword Stuffing Sample

The message might seem harmless to some at the moment, but let me tell you, The message is a glaring  mistake of many developers looking for higher ranks in Google's books. 

Keyword Stuffing Sample

Let us look at the message here. To the end user it might look like, the message writer suffers from some obsessive compulsive disorder, which compels him to keep on repeating the words, "best laptop". So obsessed is he with the phrase that he cannot write a single sentence without mentioning the phrase. But to Google's bots, the scenario is all different. Google bots armed with their ever evolving algorithm will catch the word and come to the conclusion that, the writer is a smart person ( who knows the working of a search engine) trying to trick him to register the phrase "Best Laptop" as the particular keyword the website offers. So whenever the Google users search the keyword "Best Laptop", The particular website might be ranked higher in the search results.

Such techniques adopted by developers are known as Black Hat SEO techniques, which may or may not (Mostly may not) book you visitors.The catch here is that, however hard you might try to hide your keyword stuffing endeavors, you would always be caught. Thanks to the constant updates in Google's algorithm (Panda update, Penguin Update). So If you have not been caught until now, your time is not far.

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