Oct 5, 2012

What to do for Higher Blog Visitors? (Red Alert : First Priority)

What to do for Higher Blog Visitors? (Red Alert : First Priority) Front
People do love to blog, but what makes you differ from thousands of them blogging on a singular topic?

Usually bloggers try all sorts of techniques to keep their blog and websites filled with visitors. But, the question is have you tried them all? Have you exhausted all possibilities of popularizing your blog?

Bellow is a graph from google trends, about the number of searches on the word 'SEO' which will clarify the point.

A huge number of possibilities are there where you will directly or indirectly help in the growth figures of your blog visitor count.
The complete list has been divided into 3 parts, First being Red Alert, i.e. If you have left even one of these points, you are committing a grave crime by keeping your blog devoid of visitors at your own expense. The rest will be talked about in the next sections.

Red Alert

  1. First and the most effective measure that you must take is to have your own domain, i.e. www.blog.site.com or www.site.com/blog, Though it is not of the highest priority for beginners. .
  2. Be regular in your posts and never take visitors for granted. An ideal post frequency of 2 to 4 per week is enough. But, If you want your posts to be daily, then just remember to lean on quality.
  3. For content building, the most important priority in your list must be Research, You might know better than anybody on a topic, but you would still need some organisation to make your post look acceptable, which will be possible if you research a bit on the topic (little will never hurt)..
  4. Be in at least one social network, such as Twitter and Facebook and use them to popularize your blog and its posts.
  5. Focus only on quality content building, Just remember top notch quality is always encouraged by Google search engine algorithm, readers and surfers.
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What to do for Higher Blog Visitors? (Red Alert : First Priority) MohitChar