Nov 7, 2012

Make your own website Logo easily

Make your own website Logo easily Front
When you're in need for a free image, with least licence restrictions, you try for a website which is the easiest to operate, the search is never ending. Until, you stumble upon a website like LogoTypeMaker.

When you have many articles to write and you need something to freshen up the articles, You would try and find out services, that would help you in the process. The image would also look good independently on your website or blog.

So how do you make a good logo for your website, that speaks out about your website in a single jpeg. Here is a 3 step process.

The website is professionally prepared, sprinkled with quality CSS and XHTML, with clear and concise well defined functions and buttons. Go to Label Type Maker,

Name your creationSTEP 1 : Name your creation

First step is to input a text for the logo, you're preparing. The text will be shown with the logo in the subsequent steps.

STEP 2 : Choose your Logo

STEP 2 : Choose your Logo

Now, you have to choose the logo, you want to work with. But free lancers, please keep in mind, choose a free logo, to avoid coming back again from the later stages.

STEP 3 : Personalize and Symbolize 

STEP 3 : Personalize and Symbolize
Once you've selected a logo, you'll be presented with choices, to change background color, text size, text shape, etc.

Now its on you, to make it as personalized and unique as you can.

Now, click on the "Download this Logo" button, which will take you to the size selection option.

Here is a YouTube Video Depicting its use.

Like Every design website, There are licence requirements, Which you will admit is nothing to hold.
The following are the licence requirements
  1. The licence type is a site type
  2. Also by downloading any of the Logos you would have to agree to hold the website harmless for any damage that may occur when you use it.
  3. Also, all the logos created through the website are a property of the website itself
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