Dec 27, 2012

When was my blog started?

When was my blog started Front
Its been a while, since you've started blogging, Now out of the blue you need to find out when did you start blogging. The need might arise out of any reason, might be because you needed to impress your friend, or you're filling an online form for your blog and you need to know the start date of your blog.

now there are three types of date, when you talk about date of blog.

1. The date of publication – The date when you published your page on your respective blogging platform.
2. The date of Discovery – The date when search engine bots find out your blog or its posts. Now this date changes from one search engine to another.
3. The date of Cache – This is the most recent date when your blog or blog post was crawled by a search engine bot.
Now, here are the methods.

Method 1:

Now, there are two ways by which you can find out the start date of your blog, One is the normal URL method, Here just find out the URL of the first post of your blog and you will find the date below the URL in green.
Method 1:

Method 2:

You can also, add the Google operator "inurl: " (use the operator without the quotes) before the URL of the post and you will find the oldest date possible, i.e. the date when a third party found your website.

Method 2:

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