Dec 4, 2012

The Psychology of SEO

The Psychology of SEO frontWhen indulging in link building measures, there are situations when the developers unknowingly take up some practices.

But a working knowledge of psychology can help anyone in the publishing business. Read up and develop your understanding. Knowing how the human brain works, you are sure to know what it likes. Hence you can publish content that is relevant and likable.

The following traits are well embedded in a person's mind. SEO enthusiasts must learn to pounce upon them and use it to their advantage, It is not easy, but Hey! Who said SEO is gonna be a keyboard full of roses.

Here are some of the traits.

Reciprocity (Imma do something for you)

The most basic of every reciprocal link building techniques (the non illegal ones), i.e. If someone does something for you, there are chances of the person returning it back.

Trust on social Status (Bow before me)

A person willingly believes a website or a person more, if it is active on social networks and commands respect from fans.

Authority on the subject (Bow before my knowledge)

My professor used to tell me, learn a subject in so much detail, that you become an authority on the subject. Once you're an authority you'll be someone with special and unique content. People will flock in thousands to learn what you know.

People are more likely to trust a website which is an authority on the subject, than their friends. In your text, you can cite authorities on the subject and gain trust in the eyes of the visitor.

Demand and supply Concept (You need it, I have it)

When you find a subject or have a question on a subject, and information cannot be found easily, you would believe any website that comes up from the blue with what you need.

Proximity to the visitor (Close to me)

A visitor might be a lot interested in your writings, if he feels attracted to you content writing style. A very good example is a novel,

You might look interested in the book of one particular author but not the other in the same genre, this might happen just because you do like the way the author writes stuff.

Default Bias (The F***?)

If being introduced to new ideas, If your idea is not placed properly, then the visitor or user tends to fall back on the default, This will make the visitor leave your website and search for another page where the facts are clearly and lucidly evaluated.

For example, if the user is identified to a webpage which contains your article or a functionality (like buying selling buttons etc),  There is only one problem, there are too many buttons on the webpage and he/she finds it too complex, finally the visitor will leave and choose the default option.

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