Jan 1, 2013

What comes after writing Quality content?

What comes after writing Quality content FrontIt is indispensable to write content that is brief and dense.  As is always said, a good quality content is like buying a car, if you've done your research, you’ll reap its benefits for years to come. 

But one question must have been bugging the minds of people who already have shining medals of honor on their websites, with contents filled with keywords and densely packed information. What do you do now? 

The obvious answer is keep on writing great content and you’ll be rewarded with visitors, But I beg to differ; what if there is still something remaining? What if I tell you, this is not the last stop or even better, there is no last stop?

Guest blogging

After writing many articles on a subject, a time comes when you become an authority on the subject, Now it is time to help other bloggers. There are websites like, sitepronews.com or webpronews.com, who allow bloggers and enthusiasts to write articles for them. The bloggers are then rewarded by a link back from such respected and highly venerable websites. This helps you a lot if you need fast growth.

Modifying and adding Keywords

When writing posts, bloggers often face situation known as writer’s block and they limit their writings, as a result keywords do not come to mind and certain well deserved keywords slip out. When reviewing the article again, you view it from second person’s eye and you find the keywords and the labels you’re missing.

Update your previous Articles

Yes, there is no last stop for webmasters who want quality content. The definition of quality content itself means content which contains quality. An article might be outdated after a few months and an outdated article is not quality content. It is just a mixture of words and cleverly placed sentences which had value in the past but is now just a history. So the main idea here is that you should never stop updating. I would quote a very famous saying we had in our institute, ‘When you stop growing, you start dying’. Unless you start updating your previous articles, they will always face danger of being marked outdated. What do you mean by updating? Here is a list:

  1. Correcting grammatical errors you might have created in your starting phases.
  2. Removing excess images from your article
  3. Linking and citing External websites
  4. Linking your own webpages or Intralinking
  5. Add more value to your article
  6. Correct SEO faults if possible
  7. Remove pages giving error messages

Market your previous posts on social networks

Some of the best and the most read bloggers use this technique. Here, they dig out an article written quite a long time ago and read comments, take suggestions and update the article. This article is again posted on social networking websites (like pinterest, foursquare, facebook and others) as a new article. The viewers at the social media platforms, see the article and mistake it as new, thereby applauding the blogger’s dedication. The search engines reward the website because it is updated, the viewers  reward the website and the blogger by visiting and clicking on ads and the blogger rewards himself a piece of cake from the refrigerator because he is happy, So it’s a win-win-win situation.

We're both Bloggers lets talk and we can work together and improve

Communicate with your fellow bloggers,

Communication is the key to success in blogging. Talking to your visitors, commenters and even blog mates is important. Collaborate and communicate within bloggers in your community. When you do so, you’ll find even more ideas and more methods to improve your blog.

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