Dec 25, 2012

When should I post my blog Article?

When should I post my blog Article Front
You might be having lot information backed up in your head about, blog posting techniques and SEO. But do you know, ‘When should you post your blog, so that it is visible to maximum number of people?

The whole concept is based on when your post becomes visible and what is the time when maximum number of people is available on the net. All those based on one simple logic. Its 3:30. PM in New York, but at the same time, its 3:00. AM at New Delhi, India. So, when you post your beloved article on your blogging platform in New York at, let’s say 3:30. PM you’re forgetting the fact that you’re missing about a potential billion readers on the other side of the planet, just because they’re sleeping in their comfy beds.

So how do you time your blog post, such that it affects maximum number of people, and you get what you deserve, huge amount of blog visitors?


Let us take an example of a newspaper, when you receive newspapers every day at your home, you become dependent on it. But, think it through, do you always give the same importance to a newspaper as you give to a magazine? No? What is the difference? Only one, magazines are issued after some time, but newspapers are always presented to you right on your door step every day. The more frequently you publish new posts, the more new text there is for people to see and the more reason there is for people to visit again and again. Just like mentioned before, newspapers make you dependent on it. You would miss it, if it does not come to you. So these are your options, both post it every day and be a newspaper (gain subscribers), or post it once or twice a week and become a magazine (gain visitors).

Gain Subscribers or Gain Visitors

But let’s look at the negatives, for posting every day, it’s you who should be worrying about writing new articles and churning out new ideas everyday. Can you write everyday and still maintain the quality of your post? or Will you fall prey to the potato blogger syndrome, where bloggers just sit on their comfy chairs and produce simple but insignificant or copied articles.
There are some unwritten rules in the blog atmosphere (Which has been written now), you might find it useful.

When Should I post

For very high rate of growth: 

Frequency of posting: Very high
Optimum number: 4 to 5 times a day
For whom: Bloggers enthusiastic about making a name in the cyber world. For adopting this life style, you must be a full time blogger, with no ambitions other than this.

For normal rate of growth: 

Frequency of posting: medium
Optimum number: Once or twice a day
For Whom: For those preferring peace over a hectic lifestyle, These are no doubt indulged in their field but sufficiently out so as to stop and enjoy the world.

For leisurely Rate of growth:

Frequency of posting: Slow
Optimum number: 2 to 3 times a week
For Whom: For those who prefer, leisure and would like to give time to other activities, These might be people who look at blogging, as a method to escape from his daily routine, But do not mistake them as lazy; These are the ones who produce maximum of best quality and original contents.

For Glacial Growth

Frequency of posting: Very Slow
Optimum number: Once in one to two weeks
For whom: These are either people who look at blogging as a hobby among other hobbies. When they feel, that a long time has expired since they have reached out to their mouse, they pick it up and try to come up with a creative idea. There are some who do a lot of research and then post something only occasionally. This leads to very a condensed form of very original article (a treasure for a search engine). Conventional bloggers often suggest them to “Get a journal” instead of hogging their blogging space.


Hubspot’s research by Dan Zarella, conducted a survey of 1400 blog readers and finally found out blog reader timings. He found out that bloggers read blogs in the morning. Now, further research was conducted by Kissmetrics who reported the following facts. A blog get the most number of visitors on Monday (This was seen in codemakit blogs too on Dec 24th, here's your proof).

We have also seen that a blog has the least amount of visitors on a Sunday  Also the peak for any day comes in the morning. More male members of the blogging community read blogs in later stages of the day i.e. Evening and Night than their counterparts. People tend to comment on a blog more on weekends than on weekdays.

Though the above facts are generic in nature but you should tweak them to your advantage. 

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