Dec 8, 2012

Why not to submit your site to several websites?

Why not to submit your site to several websites Front
When trying for higher listings, you resort to submitting your website to several other so called "Search Engine Directories" or "Blog Directories", The obvious reason behind this endeavor is to increase the links pointing towards your site, which makes it look cooler in the eyes of search engines. But wait, What's the catch? If you think it through, Some questions would pop-up in your mind. 'Why would a website, which has too many contacts and thus has the ability of submitting a blog/site to more than 1000 websites at a time, would even think of submitting your blog/website to them? Whats in it for them? Are you going to come back to the site? No (so no new visitors). Are you going to reffer the website to your friends? No (If you do, you're competitors' websites will also gain the same popularity, So no mouth spread marketing. So what are they doing here?'

It happened to one of my readers and he shared the story with me. "Frustrated with low visitors and constant nudges from his competitors, The person went online, in search of new ways to make his blog fly. He landed on a website which claimed submission to more than 1200 search engines. After being asked to enter email address and some information, he was asked to enter his blog's name and address. Until then every thing went smoothly. But the downhill came when he opened his mail box. It was flooded with emails and spams (A total of 58 new unwanted emails in just a day).

Search Engine Data
It is clear in the above case, that the website had links to several spam websites too and  along with authentic search engines of google, yahoo etc, spammers were also included in the list. Now do you understand, how would a website like this earn, The spammers would pay the list to include their names. Also the spammer would earn when he/she sells the list of email addresses and names to large corporations for spam promotional emails and email phishing. 

The figure depicts the share of search volume by search engines from Karmasnack (July 2012). As is clear from the figure, Google's share is highest about 88.8%, Followed by Microsoft's Bing, taking 4.2%. China's Baidu owing to much larger population and usage comes on number 3, followed by yahoo.
If you look closely, The websites boasting for  over 200 search engines, even if true (and I'm not saying it is.) would come under 0.5 %  of the total search volume.

Now, most professionals know such trap and they do not indulge in such practices. But, there are some, who are relentlessness and keep visiting such places and submit to the sites, They are least bothered by the spam and to be safe, they use disposable email addresses, Their practices are unencumbered and are powered by hope of more visitors. Such people are "despowner" i.e. Desperate Web Owners, who are unsuspecting people, not from the web sphere like Lawyers, Doctors etc who mean well but fall into such traps. Take simple advice, Do not fall in the trap. Use your logic and apply other methods to optimize your website

Some of them are : 
1. Use simple but effective SEO Techniques (understand, how rankings work).
2. Intelligent use of Keywords
3. Reduce loading Time of your website
5. Improve feed Visibility.
6. Popularise your website through social networks like facebook.
7. Get your website checked for errors.

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