Jan 9, 2013

Add Google+ friends and pages to a blogger post

Add Google+ friends and pages to a blogger post Front
Here's a way of including a person or a page with Google+ account to your blogger posts.

The one thing most blogger's look for is experimentation. It is through experimentation when you find out useful little tricks which help you as well as the others to blog faster and easier.

Here's the way; When you write a post in the blogger dashboard and you come accross a situation when you need to add your friend's name or page to your blog, You just need to type + followed by the name of the friend/page as displayed in his google plus profile.

When you do so, you will be greeted with a dropdown list containing all your friends' names whose name begins with the letters you've just entered. Just select one and you're done. The name will automatically be hyperlinked to the particular person/page's google plus profile/page.

For Example
For person +Richard Branson 
For page +codemakit 

Here's a two step picture to help you understand (click on it to zoom if you want).

Two Step Process

This was all about,
Add Google+ friends and pages to a blogger post MohitChar


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