Jan 7, 2013

How do I improve my page rank

How do I improve my page rank Front
Here's a highly informative article on PageRank and the ways to increase the PageRank of any website, upto and including what to do and what not to do.

Basically PageRank is decided by the number and the quality of incoming links. By quality backlinks, Google means authoritative and quality websites with PageRanks greater than or equal to the initial website in question. So what’s the obvious answer, increase your page rank by getting more people to link back to you.

But increasing PageRank is not that simple, There are a long list of things other than quality content plus some things which you must first consider before you admit that you’ve done a lot for your website.

Submission to websites

Though I agree, submitting your website to other so called ‘directories’ is not very useful but I must admit, it isn’t a method you should not try. You must experiment and see if it suits you. Some websites have achieved a single page rank upgradation by just adopting this technique. So find out which directories are the best and submit your website to them. If you need an ideal number codemakit websiteresearch did an analysis and recommends about 20 directories submission and approval before you see any visible changes in your page rank.

Social Networks

Social Media networks (like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter)are a nice way of shouting out to the world that you’re there. It is the continuous exposure to social environment which leads the search engine to believe that you’re a professional and to treat you as such. Also don't just stop at social networks, You can even be a part of professional networks to expand your horizon and generate new ideas.

Be a commentator

When commenting on other blogs, you are helping them survive in this cut-throat competition. But more importantly, you’re helping yourself thrive by adding valuable backlinks and by making people aware about your website

My comments are Gold, Yours is not!

In conjunction to the above paragraph, there are people who overdo the above technique. When people think they’re smarter than others and try a simple generic sentence and add a nonchalant link within. For example one might come across such comments like, “I liked the article and especially how you summarized it all at the end, you could not have made it easier !!” at the first look you would allow these comments if you’re a moderator, but sooner or later you will find that such spam comments (Read how to remove them) are doing you harm as they’re associating your website with theirs, as you promote their website by providing backlinks. In such a case always use Nofollow attribute in your comments section (Read More). So you get nice little comments and your website reputation will remain intact.

Backlink from serious websites,

From the word serious, I meant dead serious. Those who either have a pagerank of more than 7 or have tremendous impact in the real world out there. For example, a single link from Wikipedia will add a lot of authority to your website or a link from Government websites or from news websites etc.

Better code configuration

A very useful online test for checking your code style and W3 compatibility is the W3 code validator. A site map is very useful to eliminate errors. A dirty or incompatible coding will always lead to a lower page rank.

Old is Gold

The age of a domain is one of the most important parameters which qualifies a website to be allotted a page rank. Some blogs claim that Google is not convinced about the authority of a website until it has been there on the net for more than a year. The concept is based on a simple belief which has been in use for the past century, i.e. higher the time spent by the business or any entity, better and more trustable it is in the field.

What does your address looks like

When choosing for an address for your blog, You must remember one thing, a website or a blog with an address of ‘yoursite.com’ is much better than that of ‘yoursite.domain.com’. The difference is pronounced similarly for the end users and the search engine crawlers. So the more hate a person harbors, more pronounced will be the effect on the search engine listings finally leading to the PageRank of the particular webpage. Not even this, a certified website always performs better on google's books, So if you have some cash to spare then get your website certified.

Avoid the following,

One must strive not only to follow the above measures but also to avoid certain points. Some blogs often claim that dirty or perverted words often reduce the PageRank of a website but surely there is no way to check that is it? But one can be very sure of one thing, when you indulge in Black Hat SEO techniques or invalid link building practices your PageRank will surely drop.

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