Jan 11, 2013

Page Speed Analysis for top SEO websites

Load Time Analysis for top SEO websites Front
The following article presents a study on the page load time for one hundred SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based websites. The results and conclusions of the study are as follows.

Loading time is a pivotal point of user abandonment, Lots of users, find that it is a wastage of time, if they stick to a website and wait for it to load. This notion holds true regardless of the web browser you use.

Though the fact might not be of much importance to a blogger or a web owner, it is a matter of grave concern for a commercial website, or a website which earns by selling stuff. If your visitor abandons your website before even seeing how it looks or feels, how can you justify your measures to improve your website's CSS or your spending time trying to create catchy new banners. All your toils around the day will go to waste, if your visitors do not see it and let it affect their choices.

Codemakit website Research DivisionLet us take an example of mobile users; these users are usually skeptic about buying things online through mobile devices. Also, the patience of such users is thinner than a thread. So, when they find a website, taking time to load, they would press back key and go find another website which loads faster. Now as a result of such a routine, the user tends to remember the faster loading website, deeming it better than the others.

The reason of selecting SEO websites is that, these websites plan and advise on how to make websites look good on Google’s books, leading to a better page rank. But do they really follow the one most important thing required for any website to score? 

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Based on the 100 SEO website's data, A normal distribution curve was plotted. The loading time for maximum amount of websites was 0.65 seconds. There was only one website which had the lowest website loading time, which was 0.2 seconds. There was another peak observed at 1.4 seconds. Nearly no websites had a loading time of more than 3.6 seconds. Now you must find how fast is your website and where do you stand?

Page Speed in Seconds

There is a reason why the websites come among the top of SEO websites. Distribution of SEO websites, leads us to the conclusion that 41% of website a page load time of less than 0.5 seconds. The particular loading time is the optimum and should be opted for, every time  Also less than 2% websites had a loading time of more than 2.5 seconds. 

Appendix :
Websites data for their page speeds.
The following data has been stored in Google Drive.
It contains a list of 100 SEO websites in addition to some design based websites whose loading time were analyzed by codemakit website research.

 This showed you,