Jan 14, 2013

Why are Internal and External links Important

Why are Internal and External links Important FrontThe following article explains the concepts of external and internal links in detail along with the conclusions of codemakit research division. 

Links are very important from any perspective. See it as the building blocks of SEO or the main criteria for search engines like Google. But there are two types of links, External and Internal. 

These are links which point to the same domain where the links exist, i.e. on the same website where the link exist. 

The main reason for the urge of people trying to understand and find the optimum amount of internal links is because it’s too important to let go, too important to underestimate.

Links are used for creating proper site organization and spreading the hyperlinks in the site properly. This leads to an infrastructure which can be crawled by search engine robots.

According to an analysis by codemakit website Research division, about 96% of websites had external links less than 200,000,000, the website quoted that just 10% of all the websites make up more than 80% of total external links by all websites

External links for the top 500 websites are divided into 3 zones, A,B and C, (read more with graphs)

Regarding Internal Links, if you look at a graph depicting the number of internal links and the number of websites, you would be greeted with a hyperbolic curve. The research division concludes that 96% of all websites have links less than 1,000,000 links, There thee graph was divided into 5 different zones, i.e. A, B, C, D and E. The research also confirmed the fact that the internal links for websites is directly proportional to the external links.

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Why are Internal and External links Important MohitChar