Feb 25, 2013

How many Internal Links Do I need, to get in the Top 500

How many Internal Links Do I need, to get in the Top 500 front
Ever wondered, how many internal links do you need to be inducted in the top 500 clan? The results below will make it clear enough. For the aspiring achievers, this is the time to know the number of internal links you need to have in your blog/website for best possible results. But, if you need the number of external links needed, you should take a look at this.

To find out how many links your competitor has take a look at this. Also, you must first understand why are internal links important before trying to increase it.


How many Internal Links Do I need, to get in the Top 500 graph
The graph depicts the distribution of internal links with respect to the respective website’s rank according to SEOmoz. On a closer look, the curve represents a hyperbolic curve. To a layman, the above graph shows it very clearly that to a new website, there is too much competition at the top, but its nil at the bottom, which means, a new websites can very easily get into the top 500 without much resistance. Considerable resistance is met by the websites after the rank of 200. Further analysis will make it very clear to the top 500 aspiring web developers.  

How many Internal Links Do I need, to get in the Top 500 linksTake a look at the analysis below, 96% of all websites have links less than 1,000,000 links. So, it’s good news for enthusiasts, who think highly of internal links. Here you can conclude and make a goal of 1,000k links to get a chance of entering the top 500 websites list. Less than 2% of all websites had internal links between 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 and overall 4% websites had links more than 1000k. That means, the only threshold you need to set is 1,000,000. Once you’ve crossed it, you’ll be one of the top 500 websites. Once you’re there, your page rank will improve a lot and so will your visitors.

Just like anybody, you too would think a target of 1,000,000 is not your cup of tea. What would you do, then?

How many Internal Links Do I need, to get in the Top 500 pie
Out of those 96% of websites having internal links less than 1000k about 80% of websites had links less than 200,000. Just 20% had links in the range of 200,000 to 1,000,000. less than 14% of websites had links more than 200k and less than 400k. 

Seeking probability, it is still better and easier to reach a target of 200k than 1000k. Now, this fact made the situation easier for you. For realists, you may set a target of 200,000 and for pessimists; you can target 40,000 to 80,000. These targets would guarantee you better performance and higher visitors. For adsense and other ad users, this would mean huge monetary inflow.

Now coming to the things you can ignore. Do not set high goals, less than 1% websites had links more than 3,000,000. These would be the top websites (i.e. always in the top 5%, even after fluctuations). In the 96% category, less than a percent of websites had internal links of more than 800,000 links, so there’s your no-no.

How many Internal Links Do I need, to get in the Top 500 the zone graph

The Zones

Here is a break-up of 93% websites among the top 500 websites (i.e. 465). The above graph clearly depicts 5 zones.
Zone A: The zero zone, 
No website in the top 500 had internal links less than 66000.
Zone B: The apex,
Apex has a peak of 80 websites. The zone ranges from 66,000 to 90,000. Containing 164 websites out of 500, the websites in this zone are one of the most significant.
Zone C: The Curve
A parabolic curve from 90,000 to 130,000 which also contains a lot of websites based on the area under the curve.
Zone D: The Tail
The tail zone starts from 130,000 and ends at 250,000, many websites come into this category acting as filler. The 250,000 has been chosen because the average of all the internal links comes to 250216.
Zone E: The insignificant few
As the name suggests, the insignificant few do not make much difference, in the internal link analysis of top 500 websites.


For further analysis, the internal links were multiplied with their respective page ranks and then divided by 10. It was found that the average came down to 202,130 from 250216. Again plotting them on the above graph, the zones did not shift much and nor did the peaks, Which leads us to believe there is a direct correlation between internal links and their respective page ranks. In short, internal links lead to a direct increase in the page ranks.

This answered the question,
How many Internal Links Do I need, to get in the Top 500 mohitchar