Feb 11, 2013

PageRank and SERP

PageRank and SERP FrontPageRanks are a method of determining the value of a website by testing it through different parameters. PageRank is an algorithm named after Larry Page which gives a numerical value to each and every page hosted and cached.

PageRanks might be of different types Percentage, linear, logarithmic and sometimes even parabolic. However, Google uses a logarithmic. Here a percentage system has been discussed below.

As seen above, a website C has huge number of links from D category websites. On one look, it might seem like the website C would have a nice PageRank, but on closer look, you would find that A would have higher PageRank. Why? Because ‘A’ has a link from the 47 percenter B. So the search engine compares two situations, one where a website recieves 3 links with 13% and some nondescript websites and a website recieveing a single link with 47% and some other nondescript websites. So A is chosen as the better one.

PageRanks can also be called as a probability of a person randomly clicking on a link and coming to a particular page. The value, between 0 and 1. A 0.4 probability can be expressed as a 40% probability or just 40% if you see the percentage view. In simple words, there is 40% chances of a person landing on a particular page on clicking on a random link.

Ball Diagram for Page Rank
Now coming to the point, the PageRank which most developers and SEO specialists like to think about is the popular google toolbar. The toolbar displays a numerical value (a natural number from 0 to 10) about a page (which you just visited). The best of websites have a PageRank of 10 and the worst have a PageRank of 0. Google’s stance on the determination of the number is quite opaque and experts guess that it is based on the size of the website, updations, number of Internal and External links etc. 

SERP Rank,
Basically, it is the position of a website or a particular webpage in a search listing. Higher the position of the website, higher will be its SERP rating (example – Wikipedia always enjoys very high SERP rating as certain technical words always feature Wikipedia in the top 3 results).

The Google Directory PageRank is a bit of a haze, The Directory does not show any numerical value but just a bar, showing your position. Now it’s up to you to guess your PageRank.

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