Feb 4, 2013

Make your Visitors stay Longer at your website

Make your Visitors stay Longer at your website
Ever wondered what makes people stick to your website. What keeps them attached and prevents them from leaving your website? This article outlines all the working methods there are, to keep your visitors longer on your website.

Any blog to impart its full impact to its readers, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

The Ease of finding the blog and its links,
The Time taken by the visitors to go through your site and
The Ability to find what they’re looking for without hassle.

The effectiveness of your blog or its article is jeopardized considerably when visitors do not stay at your website. How? Let’s have a look.


When visitors do not stay longer, they will not go through your precious data and your conclusions and even your recommendations. This will increase your bounce rate, (Though it is not the most efficient way of determining a blog's fame). They will not have the time to find what they’re looking for and so they will not try out the internal and external links you've just placed.

Not only this, the visitors will not click on the ads you've placed in hopes of gaining some monetary value from your blog. The repercussion is even worse for commercial websites who thrive on the so called ‘call to action’, a term which denotes an action of the visitor like buying something or adding something to cart or even downloading.

So what should you do to make your visitors remain on your website longer? What should you do to keep your visitors interested in your webpage so that they hover around and not just bounce away? Who knows you might even double your visitors.

Remove Unwanted Page Links

Though it is important to link other websites regularly on your website and external links are one of the three important things, a website needs to get into top 500. But, Just as 'excess of anything is bad', keeping too many external links in your blog or webpage, act as incentives and opportunities for the people to move on to other websites.

This leads to lower visitor time and lower ‘call to actions’. Instead, write more and link your own posts and Webpages in your landing page.

Loosen Yourself

When writing a blog, you must understand that it’s just an article to be published in your blog and not a research journal with proper punctuation and extraordinarily formal ‘grey’ language to be published in a famous journal. Just loosen up a bit, use your own words and emotions in it. When people read your article, it will open up like someone is talking to them and we all like talking better than reading.

Your way of talking and writing combined will captivate your readers and compel them to stick to your article till the end. When you create an emotional connection with your readers, they will try to go to your facebook or twitter page.

They will subscribe to your blog feed and some will even comment on what they thought about the article and how it could be improved.

Watching is Believing

We all know that listening is better than reading, but what is better than listening? The only thing better than listening is seeing it with your own eyes. What is better than a video to indulge 2 of your most trusted senses to work?

When people click on the translucent triangle they’re transferred to a world of information, where everything is moving. The users will not have to browse through your article searching for points of intersection with their interests. So, make a YouTube account, make and add videos on the topic of interest and just embed the video in the blog post.

Seeing is Believing

Now this portion is in conjunction with the seeing is believing part, Videos are nice but they take up a lot of time from the blogger. What should you do when you do not have enough time to make a nice video? You make up images, colorful image do help in captivating visitors to see what’s inside.

The title must be large or in uppercase, it should not be misleading. The users must get what they came here after seeing your title. Subheadings keep it simple and allows reader to jump from one portion of your text to other without having to search for it. This lowers the bounce rates i.e. user leaving after finding the txt too boring.

Altius Fortius Citius

Your page must load with celerity; the loading time for any website is a crucial factor in determining if the reader wants to stay there or not. It forms the first impression of your website in the eyes of the visitor. Analysts claim that user has made his mind within first 3 seconds after clicking a link, whether he is willing to make the effort to dig out information from your website.

A higher page load time will lead to frustration and loss of interest. If you cannot make your webpages faster, just ensure you've made some changes to your homepage to make it load faster.

These were the
Time Tested Methods of Keeping Your Visitors Longer MohitChar