Mar 6, 2013

Potato Blogger and Lazy Blogger Syndrome

Potato Blogger and Lazy Blogger Syndrome front
Potato and Lazy Blogger syndrome are urban blogger conditions very commonly discussed yet very difficult to diagnose. The symptoms are evasive and so are the solutions. So, how do you know if you’re a potato blogger? There are several theories stating the obvious but first you must understand the premise. The widely accepted definition of a potato blogger is hereby presented: 

A potato blogger is one who presents copied or banal content taken from other websites and presenting in his own words.

And as you may have guessed, there is a slight difference between a potato blogger and a Lazy blogger.

Lazy blogger

Potato Blogger

The blogger is uninterested in the whole blogging scenario, He finds the task of managing the Blog tedious and unworthy of his time A potato blogger is never uninterested in the management of his blog; He is just uninterested in the generation of new ideas.
Does not post the articles regularly and If posts at all, deteriorated articles are often encountered.
Tries to post as regularly as he can. Even if that means a deteriorated article.
Does not reply to the comments or moderate them(removal of spam comments) and does not experiment. Replies to the comments with full enthusiasm and vigor. Also moderates the comments with equal force and experiments.
Lack of research in the articles. Lack of sufficient research
No engagement in social media Enthusiastic social media intereaction
Blog may die after some days Blog will struggle for some days
The source of blog visitors will diminish No change in the blog visitor source

Lets Get you out of this mess.

People find that goal setting is one of the things that stops you from falling in the endless vicous spiral. One technique which has received nice reviews is the Pomodoro Technique. It is a method of time management developed by Francesco Cirillo, the technique consists of dividing the complete work in intervals of 25 minutes each. The Five steps as outlined in wikipidea are

  1. Fix on the goal/task at hand
  2. Set a timer on 25 minutes
  3. Start the work
  4. Stop when the timer rings
  5. Take a break before starting the cycle again
Often people are bogged down with the quantum of work. They are so mismanaged in their own ways that they forget their own style and adopt time saving but treacherous ways to solve their problems. It can be either way round too, some people are perfectionists. When the person finds that the work at hand needs to much attention, he first forestalls and then abandons the task altogether.

So what to do to get you back on the track?

Ready set, Go!

Try the pomodoro technique but this time set the time limit to 10minutes only. Force yourself into the action and even if you repeat just three cycles of pomodoro with what you do not like, you will make considerable progress. For Example, You do not feel like researching then writing for a topic. Do one thing, sit for 10 minutes, and for the first cycle, spend the time researching on the topic in question, then take a break. In the next cycle take down the research, assimilate the points and start writing, even if you don’t feel like it, even if you feel like you’re gonna retch right now. But, if you love your creation and do not want to see it die, you will have to bear the pain.

Kill all the Distracting Elements

Is your room alignment or the furniture orientation distracting you? Or are you distracted by the sounds of blaring horns coming from your window? Or is it your own housemates? Think about it, remove the distractions, keep something that will help you soothe your mind and help your concentrate. Switch off your television, remove the headphones and start blogging. You will feel how it clears your mind.

Where’s the Motivation?

Bloggers often find it difficult to keep them motivated during times of depression. This is because at such times, the blogger does not spend nice amount of time to his blog, the blog suffers and certain dreadful things happen, that too all at once. First your visitor count will drop, then your bounce rate will increase, then comes the number of unique visitors and then at last the image of the blog. All these things together force the blogger to go into a vicious spiral which he cannot escape. In these times a blogger must find inspiration as well as motivation. Look at other blogs, see how the’re doing. Find out the PageRanks of your competitors. Find out their style, read your comments be motivated, love your creation once again.

What are you among the two?
Potato Blogger and Lazy Blogger Syndrome MohitChar