Mar 18, 2013

Tips to protect yourself from divulging your web account's passwords

Tips to protect yourself from divulging your web account's passwords
How can you protect yourself from giving out your passwords? Here are simple points for protecting yourself from divulging your passwords. 

For any webmaster, there will be scores of usernames and passwords which must be kept as secret as possible. Though unintentional, but a leak is a leak and can be very disruptive if not handled carefully. There are hackers looming nearby, You could be the next target.

Here are some tips to keep yourself protected at all times. It is the small things that matter the most. The following are the tips 

  1. Never use the default password given by the website itself, always change it whenever you get the time.
  2. Also when you ask for a password reset, always change the password once its done. Do you know how passwords are actually stored on websites? Take a look.
  3. Always keep your mail passwords with utmost privacy because once your mail password is divulged, anyone can reset your mail password or any website account password with just a click.
  4. If you are a web personality or choose to live your life on the web, you would obviously be burdened with the task of storing the passwords somewhere. Never make the mistake of storing it in a simple text file. Use simple but advanced measures (Take a look). So that even if your PC/Laptop is out of your reach, you'll be at peace.
  5. Never give your password to any website or authority. Keep it in mind that no one should ever ask for your password, if they do they’re not authentic.
  6. When in a café, Hotel, Restaurant etc. with an unsafe Wi-Fi, never open up any of your important mail or website accounts like your bank accounts.
  7. Never use the same password and username for every account but use a single password with slight modifications for each website account, Eg. Create a base password like 93110299, now for gmail the password might be 93110299gm, for your flight travel account, it might be 93110299ft or 93110299jet etc, this will save you the hassle to remember different passwords and thereby remove any need to write them down.
If you're still unsure or you need more information, You can have a look at some simple steps to stay safe online.

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Tips to protect yourself from divulging your web account's passwords Mohitchar