Mar 4, 2013

What PageRank Should You have to reach the top 500?

What PageRank Should You have to reach the top 500? FrontA perfect page rank is one of the most important things, a webmaster looks for in his creation. But what if you get something other than a good page rank? What if you could get a chance to enter the top 500 websites of all time? There are only three main things you need to have before your website can enter the Top 500 website clan; First Sufficient Internal links, Second More than sufficient External links and Third a perfect PageRank. So here are the observations and the analysis presented for websites with acceptable PageRanks to brag and a chance to feature in the top 500. So what if you don't have an acceptable PageRank, you could always improve your PageRank in no time.

The Observations

Do not be misled by the term perfect PageRank, It just denotes a PageRank above 4, that’s all. According to the results by research Division with the help of data by SEOmoz, the minimum page rank for all the websites never went below 4, so If you have a PageRank of 4 or more, you stand a fighting chance.

The Pie TriadA PIE Triad stands for PageRank, Internal Links and External Links Triad. It is a Diagram representing the relative importance of a particular area for any website, which means higher the area of interest in the diagram, higher will be the priority of improvement. The triad consists of only three areas, as it is these areas which lead to any alteration in the website rank. The Triad clearly signifies that the Internal and External links share the same responsibility in affecting a website’s rank. 
However, a PageRank inculcates a lower responsibility in the overall progress of the website in the ranking ladder.  According to the pie chart, just a percent of websites have a PageRank of 10. But one must also keep in mind, that just a percent of websites have a PageRank of 4 (i.e. the minimum). 

Page Rank DistributionAbout 41% of websites have a PageRank of 8, the hypothetical perfect score. Also second comes PageRank 7 with 29% websites falling in that category. Along comes third with PageRank 9, with 14% websites falling in that category. The only thing that comes to the mind with this pie is the equality with which the websites are categorized.  This goes on to prove that, even though you might have a high PageRank but among the things needed to get you to the top 500, PageRank is the thing that matters the least, This opinion is not of the author but of the results and even of some of the leading experts in the web industry like paul crowe.

Change in the number of websites

The Concept

The Gaussian curve in the Graph clearly depicts that higher number of websites have a PageRank of near 8. Not only does the curve depicts lowest number of websites at the ends, but also shows clearly high concavity until a PageRank of 6. This again shows that you have a high chance after a PageRank of 6. The high PageRankers like, addthis or Twitter are exceptions and are beyond the topic of discussions. Think of twitter as a blog (Of course it is a micro Blogging site), but think of it as a guest blog, where you are the guest bloggers, you create unique and original content in just 140 characters, Think of what such content will do when millions of people do the same in just a minute. 

For websites with PageRank of 8 Or more, webmasters need not worry, because the P.I.E. Triad seems to suffer a form of inversion and the importance of Internal and External Links are reduced to nil. Which means It is at that Precise point where your Internal and External Links do not matter anymore. This is because the PageRank is already based on algorithm that takes into account, your Link quantity and quality. In other words, Google is giving you a thumbs-up that your content and content linking practices are good enough and you need not work on it anymore.


So, one thing that you must keep in mind is that if you have a PageRank of 4, you still have a chance if you can improve your internal and External Links. People owning a website with PageRank of equal to or more than 8, need not worry because that is when the P.I.E. Triad suffers an inversion. A good number and quality of Links is essential for best site building practices as those are the parameters which enjoy importance over PageRank below 8. So Don’t just focus on PageRank but also on the amount of quality linking.

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