Mar 15, 2013

Why is my blog still not growing?

Why is my blog still not growing? FrontIt has been over a year since you started blogging seriously, you’ve written scores of articles and blog posts. According to you, as you keep on writing articles the content and the pages on your blog will increase leading to more places visitors will be attracted to. So, as a cumulative effect, you should be getting more and more visitors every day. But, none of the things are happening and you find that however hard you’re trying nothing seems to be enough.

At this point of time, bloggers often second guess their own blogging techniques or even interests. ‘Maybe I’m not good enough.’ Or ‘Maybe, I should stop writing on such and such topics’ or ‘I think I’m losing my charm, better move on.’

Now you might have tried all sorts of techniques to technically improve your blog. Like:

  1. Making your blog, visitor centric (level1, level2, level3)
  2. SEO tactics
  3. Keyword researches

Now if you’ve taken all these precautions, and still not getting results, This article will help.

The only thing you’ve forgotten until now is the analytics part of a blog. Small business owners and amateur bloggers use web analytics to test their website but the only thing which attracts their attention is the number of visitors coming on their websites. Some even go to the extent of finding the source of visitors (country) or web browser. But that is not enough, in a cut throat competition of ours when blogs miss higher rankings by just a few points, it is very important that you do something better than the others and something more than the others.

Is your content curing insomnia?

Why is my blog still not growing? else
Blogging atmosphere is all about helping people in your own language. As I have rightly said before, a typical blog is no place for lengthy formal discussions. One must find it in himself to avoid boring people. When a person reads an article on your blog and finds it utterly uninteresting, The same person would refrain from browsing through other articles on your blog. This would lead to visitor bouncing, which means visitor not going through your articles once he has gotten inside. If this process is applied for a large number of visitors it is visitor bounce rate, which means the number of visitors moving out of your website once he/she has read a particular article on your website. You can try to increase your bounce rate and everything in the books from SEO to SERP, then try something fundamental like your content in the visitor’s perspective.

Trust issues, anyone?

Your readers might have some trust issues if they do not know who’s writing the article or who’s teaching them. Usually people do not have the time to check out the author of the content and they just believe whatever is written, just because they have to as they’re busy and just came here for a quick fix. But not all people are like that. Many of the visitors who come to your webpage might have time on their hands and are just browsing for fun. Now listen, such people should be seen by you as gold encrusted diamond hatching hens that poop silver. Why? Because it is those people who have the time to comment increasing user interface with the website. It is those people who have time to check you out on the social networks like facebook, twitter or foursquare. They are the most loyal visitors because they would bookmark your website if they find it useful; they would send friend requests to you if they are interested by way of your writing. So try looping in such visitors.
What should you do to handle their trust issues? Create an ‘about page’, many bloggers are shy and refrain from writing about themselves. But in this world of cutthroat competition you must write about yourself. This will help users know about you and this will add value to your product. Visit this page to know how to create an awesome about page.


Why is my blog still not growing? whyA widely read blogger is one who has taken the pains to research and present his findings in a marketable way. But there is one thing that is innate in every successful blogger, originality. Such blogger just reads some material at some post, find it interesting, copies it to his blogging platform and starts changing the language, hoping it would lead to an awesome blog post. Such techniques do work but only up to a limit. You will receive visitors on the blog, maybe many at some posts because of the change in the keywords of the particular URL. But it all stops right in front of a line before you can say ‘I am a successful blogger!’, Google will touchup its algorithm and you’ll be back from where you started. Create new content, something unique, something original, but never cross your content policies.

Smooth posting

The following Idea was completely ignored by me while writing this article until I came across Rahul Kuntala’s post on why your blog is not growing argued that erratic posting frequency also leads to a halt in the progress of the blog. When a person posts two articles a week, he must maintain the speed and not go for 4 articles in the next week. Some bloggers have discussed an urge to post something at some time which they cannot suppress. A very nice trick to this is by using a scheduler (i.e. schedule blog posts in blogger and wordpress). To know when should you post an article, read here.

No Comments

How many times have you seen actors and actresses mouthing ‘No Comments’ to the eager reporters and papparazi swarming in their direction. What do you feel at that time? Obviously down, What kind of crap is he filled with, walking around with that big attitude of his? The exact opposite reaction is of visitors coming to your site finding no comments. The first impressions are as follows :

  1. The post is not good enough so people are not commenting
  2. The Blog is not good enough so people are not commenting
  3. The Blog does not get enough visitors so people are not commenting
  4. The Blog administrator must be stingy, moderating the comments very closely

Jacob Klein at SEOmoz explains clearly how you can get more blog comments,

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