Apr 15, 2013

An Interview with Veerle Pieters of Duoh.com

An Interview with Veerle Pieters of Duoh.com frontIn this interview, we’ll peek into the design methods and techniques of design whiz Veerle Pieters. With her award winning website Duoh.com and her detailed blog, she is considered as one of the authorities in new age design.

Veerle Pieters was born near Bruges a left-handed who taught herself to be an ambidextrous. She began her career in 1992 in print, focusing mainly on logos, stationery etc and web Design 1995. She founded Duoh! In 2000 with her loving partner Geert Leyseele. Her dream is to be certain that I contribute in small but important ways to making the "interweb" a better place.

On Inspiration

Mohit: Your designs are always dripping with originality and detail, how do you manage to bring out such beautiful yet meaningful designs? What is your inspiration?

Veerle: My inspiration comes from what I see around me and from what I catalog on my Inspiration Stream. I try not worry about trends and just do my thing. When you start a project listening is an important part so you understand what the client needs and you have enough information to translate all that in a design.

On Favorites

Mohit: You have designed Web, CMS, Logos, Illustrations, Icons and even print. What is your favorite category for work?

Veerle: Print still has a bit of an edge because there is nothing that beats having what you created in your hands. The smell of print, the tactile feedback of paper etc. All in all I like the diversity in what I do. The fact that I can switch to coding when I hit a wall in a design for example.

Duoh.com website

On Social Networks

Mohit: I went through your entire website and found it hard to find your twitter link on your homepage, why did you avoid any link even when you had 1500 followers on twitter?

Veerle: There is a Twitter link on my homepage but it’s way down in the footer. For me personally Twitter was never about have a big amount of followers. I never actively promoted my Twitter so that people would follow me. For me this is just a channel to share what I am passionate about and a channel for helping people by sharing great resources. It’s simple really; if you have something interesting to say people will follow you.

On Work

Mohit: You have a string of impressed and satisfied customers, How do you manage this feat, Is it your charges or your work?

Veerle: I always try to do my best for every project. Not always easy but I assume that’s what clients appreciate. If you deliver great work and try to find solutions when problems occur clients will return for more. It’s a two way street and about giving & taking.

Mohit: You have been in design business for long, you must have had hardships. What is it that keeps you going?

Veerle: The first 5 to 6 years I really struggled to earn enough to make a living. Times were really different and the Internet wasn't around. You had to go out and find clients. Not an easy task if you became a freelancer right out of school because nobody would give you a job. There were a few things in my portfolio but I always heard the same excuse ‘lack of experience’.  That’s why I started my own business. Only problem was that I focused on the wrong clients, little shops that demanded a lot for very little money. Things only started to change when I got out of comfort zone and hit the road to visit business parks to introduce my work and myself. The only thing that kept me going was that I love what I do and that I knew this was what I love waking up for.

Duoh.com website

The Epilogue

Mohit: Last but not the least, what advice would you give to amateur designers?

Veerle: Don’t loose the passion for what you do even if you fail from time to time. Failing is all part of what we do everyday. Another important aspect is that the learning process never stops. That’s why you need to be really passionate. There is always something new to discover and you are never sure if what you learn today will still be around in a few months. The learning process never stops.

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