Apr 3, 2013

Create another Gadget space for your blogger blog

Create another Gadget space for your blogger blog front
How many times have you wanted another gadget space on your blog? You have a third party code which you want to incorporate in your blog but you did not find space to add it. So what will you do? Simple solution to this problem is provided here. 

You always have some space in the sidebar, which keeps on increasing when you use one. But what about another large footer banner space? Or a large header banner space? Or even a large banner space in your body space to include your author bio? This is where things get interesting.

Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard and click on layout tab. Now click on edit HTML and click on the ‘Expand Widget templates’ Option in the pop up.
  • Press Ctr+f and find the following code in the HTML.
           <b:section class='art-Header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>        
  • Replace maxwidgets value 1 by any higher number. You may also leave the quotation marks empty to have an unlimited number of widgets available at your disposal.
  • Also replace The showaddelement value from ‘no’ to ‘yes’
Step 2: Now repeat the above three steps for every piece of code given above.
In the page layout tab, you will find a large number of 'Add a Gadget' boxes at nearly every tab.

Note. The showaddelement controls the situation when you use an add a gadget box and another one still remains empty. Putting the value as ‘yes’ will ensure this behavior and a ‘no’ will make sure you cannot add another gadget in the particular location after one has been used.

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Create another Gadget space for your blogger blog mohitchar