Apr 10, 2013

Some Extremely funny Comments

Some Extremely funny Comments II
Nearly all webmasters encounter spam on their websites. But a few have the time to properly read the spam before deleting it. On reading spam comments, you find that even spammers have a funny bone. A creative individual would always find new ways to do things. Such is the creativity displayed by spammers while dodging the inbuilt blogger filters. The following are some examples of such comments where spammers tried link building as well as humor creation.

The following anonymous comment was left at an article few months back, Though the comment has been deleted, but its still funny to see the situation of the spammer, who gets up at 6 in the morning to spam and tries to sell twitter followers.

Funny Comments Example

The shaving mirrors has been one of the most loyal spammers on codemakit, this was until a message was displayed near the comments section about nofollow attribute and its usage in comments section. The following comment was left at How many Internal Links do I need to be in top 500? Even then it’s comment is usually filled with text followed by an obvious link.

Funny Comments

The following comment was left at Include a favicon in your site, However it has been removed for obvious reasons, The guy tries to explain that the article is rife with spelling problems and then attaches a link to help lose weight fast at home.

Funny Comments

The anonymous comment spams at 7 in the morning, but the one thing that gives humor to the comment is its flattery flavored semantically incorrect text. Again a link to get followers (what do you think of a guy who wakes you up in the morning to sell twitter followers.

Funny Comments

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