Apr 1, 2013

The Ideal Blog Posting schedule for a week

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Bloggers are often faced with the obvious question, when should they post, how often do they post in a week etc. Find out the ideal blog posting schedule depending on the growth you need for your blog. Choose which schedule suits you and apply it on your blog.

The answer lies in a very grey area, where you could never point when should you post so that your blog reaches the heights you've never believed existed. Another previous article about, when should I post my blog article explains pretty clearly about the frequency of posts for the growth you expected. 

The following list provides you with the optimum number of posts in a stipulated time limit as per your growth expectations.

For very high rate of growth: 
Optimum number: 4 to 5 times a day

For normal rate of growth:
Optimum number: Once or twice a day

For leisurely Rate of growth:
Optimum number: 2 to 3 times a week

For Glacial Growth: 
Optimum number: Once in one to two weeks

The freqency is pretty clear in the above list, but now the question comes, If I have to post, suppose 3 articles in a week, I'll have to create a posting schedule, So how do I do it? Here,s your answer, The following table will ease your mind off the hassle of creating your own posting table. Let us see the cases individually and determine which one will suit you best.

The Ideal Blog Posting schedule for a week

Case 1: Lets Bloat-up-our-website case.

A very peculiar case, If you could manage this then no doubt, the blog or the website will reach the stars in no time.
What will happen when you follow this case: blog audience will go through the roof. Bounce rate will reduce to near 20% or less. Average visitor time will exceed 4 to 5 minutes. All in all; every blogger’s golden dream. But you would also have some disadvantage. If the blog is managed by a single blogger, this posting schedule is simply impossible. If it is managed by 3-4 bloggers, then everyone will have to churn out an article every day. This might go well for some time but, after sometime they would transform into potato bloggers. So if you ask for an optimum number, 8-10 bloggers would be nice enough to start with.

Case 2: A toffee every day case

A very ambitious project no doubt. People will be forced to visit the site every day for new content.
What will happen when you follow this case: Blog audience will not shoot through the roof, but will definitely escalate. You will have respectable earnings if you indulge in ad services. Bounce rate will fall near 40-50% (but you could always improve your bounce rate more your expectations). Average visitor time will also be good enough. But there are some disadvantages too. Such ambitious project cannot be handled by one person alone, one would need at least 2-3 people for smooth posting every day. Otherwise, it will be too much pressure and too less time.

Cases 3 and 4: The average-guy schedule

One of the most popular posting schedules, a growing blogger undertakes. Simple as it is, The blogger attempts at posting 3 articles in a week (excluding Sunday) properly spaced together i.e. you must give a day rest to your blog, so that visitors get time to read it. You can either use a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule or a Tue-Thu-Sat schedule. Either way, you blog is bound to grow better than ever. Your bounce rate will slowly decrease to an appreciable limit and your average visitor time will increase too, not to forget decent earnings from blog advertisement. Such schedule can be managed by one person alone without problems. But you must be patient, cause good things don’t happen too soon.

Cases 5 and 6: The two-cent blogger

A case where the author sees his blog visitors and says “Meh…”. Such type of blogger is expected to blog 2 times a week. But another thing that must be seen to is that the posts must be evenly spaced together. So if you blog on Monday then you must blog next on Thursday Or if you blog on Tuesday then the next post must come on Friday. Though this will not have any exceptional changes in the blog audience, you will not be the one seeing your blog go down.

Also remember, you must have a minimum number of posts in a week, a blog usually dies a very painful death if nothing new is posted for several days (see codemakit’s study)
Regularity in publishing new articles will help you increase your visitors and improve your website parameters. Check out the case-study where a website doubled its visitors using this method.

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