Apr 17, 2013

The Secret to Organisation in Blogging (From the Backrooms of codemakit.com)

The Secret to Organisation in Blogging (From the Backrooms of codemakit.com)
How do professional bloggers write such amazing articles every week? Some might even work on 5 to 10 articles at a time. Some work on just 2 to 3 really long articles with a lot of information locked up in a capsule. So the obvious question pops up, how can a blogger, manage to work on 10 blog posts at a time.

A professional blogger can work on up to 10 blog posts at a time. The multitasking allows them time and space to think about ideas both in quantity and in quality.

The average number is 8 however. Organizing is the key to better and efficient content creation. Once you organize everything you can hold large number of articles at a time. This herculean task is obviously difficult for any blogger who doesn't organize. Now organizing your blog posts is just like organizing a research, you need to divide information into chunks so that you can better manage it.

The Root Folder

Let’s have a look at a typical case of a windows blogger (i.e. at the backrooms of codemakit.com). The main blog folder is divided into 3 headers.
  1. Blog Idea – It contains reading material, pdfs and pictures to help you understand the topics you’re working on.
  2. Blog Pictures – Contains templates for new images, incomplete image projects etc.
  3. New Articles – Contains all the new articles, that you’re writing, updating or written.

The Backrooms of codemakit.com

As is evident from the screenshot in the New Articles folder, the Posts Title is usually thought-of before the article is written and the complete post with images, article snippets, source articles and pages from other websites is then stored in the particular folder.

The Details

The folder system of storing the articles is presumably better and much more organized, so it removes the searching time and avoids the hassle.

The Backrooms of codemakit.com

Now the complete blog folder (i.e. main folder) is filled with such individual folders containing one article each along with the source media. The folders can then be divided into four parts.
  1. Articles under construction – The majority of articles are under construction and most articles are either incomplete as per content or images/video or those which need more research.
  2. Completed - The articles which have been completed in every sense in the author’s view. They are touched only on the day of publishing.
  3. Articles to be Updated – It contains the articles which has already been posted long time ago but now needs a major remodeling, as with the passing of time, some articles become outdated and Some non-essential.
  4. Update – There are pieces of information which is needs to be added to an already posted article. It contains updated media (i.e. an image to spice up the article or a video to make it more interesting). This update will not contain the article as a whole but just the media to be added.
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